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Congratulations! Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. 

Our video team is here to capture your big day. We create custom wedding packages that fit all budgets. See the video examples below to get a better understanding of what a package includes.

Live-streaming is available. Contact us for more information and book your wedding with us today. 


      Can't wait to see your final wedding video? Want to give family and friends a sneak peek of what's to come?
      The trailer video is for you, get a glimpse of your upcoming fully produced wedding video. Build up the anticipation and get ready.


      Using the best angles, we capture all the moments of your wedding. The documentation video lets you nearly relive your wedding day.
      Enhanced audio and video is included. Split-screen edits are available.

Custom Highlight

     Together we plan a unique video of your wedding. This is your time to get creative and tell your story. You will want to share this one with friends and family online.
     In this example, the couple read letters to each other before their wedding starts while holding hands.

Wedding Packages

      Now that you know the types of videos produced, we present to you our three wedding video packages. Each package can be modified to fit your needs.

     We are here to serve you, contact us for more information and book your wedding today.

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