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Welcome to Reel Mission Media, where Our Focus is on the Mission.
Video services are available in San Antonio, Texas.

How to Start a Video Project.

    Prepping and planning is key when creating a video. Pre-production can include storyboarding, scriptwriting, and scheduling on-camera talent. 

    Lights, camera, action! This is the day we bring out the equipment and capture everything that we planned for, and maybe more. 

    This is where we edit everything together and the video comes to life. Whether it's putting in music, graphics, or a voice-over, you can expect our attention to detail will make your video the best it can be.

How much does a video cost?

Well, now if you know the 3 steps of creating a video, you can imagine a video can take a decent amount of time to plan, film, and edit. Pricing will depend on either at a predetermined set amount or will be based on the number of hours worked on a project.

It's worth mentioning, you can save costs by developing the video script and/or the storyboard yourself. But if you have no clue where to start, that's okay too! We are here for whichever step you want to take first.

Here's a tip if you are wanting to have multiple videos for social media content. We recommend that you have a media day with Reel Mission Media. This is where we bring everything together and film for multiple hours. We film various subjects and scenery. We then can take your library of footage to post-production, and produce multiple videos. Not only is this cost-efficient, but it's time-efficient as well because we can produce multiple videos from one day of shooting.  

At the end of the day, these are three main variables to look out for when factoring cost:

  • Production equipment needed

  • Number of people involved

  • Special request

Thank you for learning more about how we work. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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